If your home is in need of a new driveway, driveway expansion or other asphalt paving work then our crew would be delighted to consult you on your project. Contact us for a free quote.

At Richmond Paving INC, we specialize in residential paving services throughout Richmond, VA. As expert paving contractors, we prefer to give you the best results possible. Give us a call for a free estimate.  

Residential Asphalt Paving Services 

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We provide residential paving services to residents in Richmond as well as the surrounding areas. Our commitment to going above and beyond for your property is second to none. Choose us for licensed, bonded, and insured residential asphalt paving contractors.  

Homeowners Associations

Does your homeowner’s association require professional paving services in Richmond? If so, Richmond Paving INC can help. We can work with your homeowner’s association requirements to ensure your property always looks its best.  

Private homes

Private homes are another area where we offer our services. For your asphalt driveway, private roadways or even your backyard paving projects, we can help. We know that the quality of your landscaping is determined by the quality of materials we use.  

Our residential asphalt paving services in Richmond, VA, include a variety of services that are both reliable and fast. We are passionate about providing the best services possible. Our top rated asphalt contractors can be counted on for the results you’re looking for.  

Driveway Paving Services in Richmond, VA 

Do you own a driveway? If so, you could use asphalt paving services. We have your back. The following are just some of the driveway paving services we offer in Richmond, VA.  

New Driveway Installations

Are you looking for support for your new driveway installation? If so, our team of top rated contractors can help. They are qualified and experienced to install your driveway.  

Driveway Repair and Resurfacing

Our driveway repair and resurfacing services are performed according to the latest paving techniques. As an asphalt paving company, we excel at providing the best resurfacing services in Richmond, VA. Choose us for all your resurfacing and repair needs. 

Driveway sealcoating

Another service we provide is driveway sealcoating services. Sealcoating protects your driveway for years to come. It is a simple step you can take to ensure your driveway always looks its best.  

Contact us for a free estimate for your driveway sealcoating, repairs, and resurfacing needs in Richmond, VA.  

Specialty Paving Residential Projects 

Tennis Courts 

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Do you have a tennis court that needs to be repaired? If so, our specialty paving services are the ideal fit for your home.  

Basketball Courts 

Our basketball court paving services are ideal for repairing cracked asphalt on your property. Choose our top rated paving contractors to repair or install a new basketball court for you.  

Golf Path & Walking Paths 

Don’t let your golf or walking paths deteriorate. Instead, give our asphalt paving experts a call. We’ll quickly repair your asphalt to ensure it looks great and is 100% safe.  

Choose us for all your specialty asphalt paving services in Richmond, VA. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible service, turnaround and materials available. Contact us for a free estimate today.